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Sue Siam Company Limited and affiliates (“We”) would like to inform that the dissemination of information, news, article, picture, video or any text (“Content”) within this service is only for the purpose of providing the Content of us and our partner, discussion board and user-generated content (UGC) (if any) to You. We will not guarantee that the Content of us or our partner or UGC Content will be correct and no error.

In case we act as platform provider that allow you and other users to disseminate the Content into our service such as UGC, we are not a representative, partnership or having a juristic relation with You or Content owner. We cannot and will not verify the correctness and source of your Content therefore we will not have liability and obligation against other persons claim or demand arising from your Content.

Regarding to the using of our service, You agree not to do any things which are contrary to the law, public order, good morals or violate any rights such as intellectual property and privacy of us or other person including any things which may cause damages to us or other person. You must not send, upload or put into our service a comment, text, picture, video or any things which are illegal, inappropriate, pornographic, sarcastic, causing a conflict of society, confidential information or false.

Any losses or damages to You or your personal data occurred from any causes including electronics crime such as hack or act of god or any causes which are out of our control or not our fault, we will not be obliged to take any responsibilities.

If You found that the Content within our service is illegal, inappropriate or violate your right kindly tell us via support@siamnews.com or other channel provided under the service. We are pleased to examine such Content and feedback to You shortly.

We would like to thank you for using our service. For more understanding and making more reliability, we have Privacy Policy for you at Privacy Policy


All Contents which disseminated within our service including but not limited to trademark, service mark, name, trade name, patent or know-how etc. are owned by us or Content owner (depending on circumstances) and protected by intellectual property law.

You warrant that You must not and will not copy, reproduce, adapt, publicize or do any things for commercial purposes from the Content without prior consent from us or Content owner.

We reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time without prior notice.

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